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Macs and Sharepoint

  Asked By: Jackie    Date: Nov 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1426

I am working on a problem now involving my graphics department (all
Mac users), several PC users and a WSS site I made for them.

Purpose: Allow Macs to collaborate on designs, share files, and
check progress/status of work with Mac and PC users for a monthly

Problem 1: Mac users can not check in or check out files to prevent
others from making changes to the file being checked out.
Problem 2: Version control is very flaky. Numbering
Problem 3: Drag and drop in the explorer view does not work for
Macs. Something about Java maybe?

I am looking at some possible solutions and could use some advice.

All our servers are 2003, SharePoint 2003, Office X (for Macs)

My ideas:
1. Could I create a backward compatible library, and then make a
network drive map on the Mac to the BC Library. Question is, how
does the wss site see it?
I am also understanding that BC Libraries can not be created in
SPS2003. Is there something better?

2. Anyone ever use WebDAV + Macs + SharePoint?

need some help...



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Darrel Sexton     Answered On: Nov 27

Have you tried Netscape Navigator believe it or not but ive heard it works better then IE!

Answer #2    Answered By: Tory Sellers     Answered On: Nov 27

I didn't see any discussions about Macs and Sharepoint, so
incase someone is in my shoes, maybe this will help. I am not a Mac
expert nor do I use one. I encountered a situation where Macs and
Sharepoint had to work  together. Here are my findings:

Check in/out files  does not work. Heres how I got around it:
I installed Goliath on my Macs, and installed the WebDav component
on one of my servers. (Requires IIS) Basicly I created a network
share BUT the main difference is that Macs can "check in/out" files.
You will find that the Mac will want to download the file  instead of
opening it from Sharepoint like a PC would.

This was very important in my case. Sharepoint's whistles and bells
will not work on a Mac. My Mac users  can still communicate with
SharePoint users to some extent.

On another note: It seems that tons of confusion going around that
SPS2003 will support backward compatable libraries and routing
(serial and parallel). This is FALSE. If I am wrong, someone please
show me. This only works in SPS2001.

I have found, after trying them all out it seems, that Netscape
(NetScrape) ver 7 for the Mac works best.

can you believe IE 5.2 doesn't work on it's own product? HA! I got a
kick out of that. Well it does work, but it sucks...whats new...

Anywawy, as much as I got from these posts, I figured I'd try and
help out too.

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