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Macaw SPS joust menu - problem

  Asked By: Nirmal    Date: Sep 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1353

I have been using Macaw SPS joust menu, for displaying categories/folders/files.
and am facing this problem since many days and am unable to solve it. Could you
please help me identifying the problem and solve it:

*** ERR: Error with '\0' as description - error: 80070005 (Query incorrect?
Enable debugging for more info) ***

At times, this problem occurs only for "Readers" and not for "Coordinators".

When I try to debug, it gives following information, but visible only to

Tracing information:


Query (Nota Bene: all properties must be embedded between double quotes, like
Select "DAV:displayname", "DAV:href", "DAV:contentclass", "DAV:isfolder",
"DAV:childcount" From Scope('shallow traversal of
"http://intranet.opiglobal.com/inopi/Categories"') WHERE "DAV:ishidden" = false
Order By "DAV:isfolder" desc, "DAV:displayname"

Every time I get this error I have to restart services, or restart the server.
Please help.



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alexander Scott     Answered On: Sep 06

I don't understand the cause of this problem  but I can offer you a

By default, the tree view engine provides two providers :
- "msdaipp.dso"
- "Exoledb.DataSource"
But it only uses the first.
I simply tried the second provider and made only one adaptation.

1_ Go to your directory where Macaw is installed

2_ Find the file MacawSPSjoustMenu\util.asp and open it

3_ Modify the lines 547 and 548

'Const PROVIDER = "msdaipp.dso" ' line to unactivate
Const PROVIDER = "Exoledb.DataSource" ' line to activate

4_ Modify the line 240 because of the format of the encoding URL used
to see your web folder content

' Loop through all returned entries in the recordset
Do While Not oRS.EOF
sURL = oUtils.CanonicalizedUtf8FromUnicode(oRS("DAV:href"))
sURLquotesEscaped = Replace(sURL, "'", "\'")
sURLquotesEscaped = Replace(sURL, "%25", "%") ' line 240 added

5_ See the result in your portal ... Then ???

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