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Looking for an explanation

  Asked By: Shonda    Date: Jul 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1101

We just had a very strange situation and I'm just trying to figure out
how it happened. There is a site with a document library. The owner of
the site set one of the columns in the view of this document library to
Yes/No and then filtered the default view to only show the documents set
to Yes.

I went in as a member of the site with full control (and I'm the farm
administrator) and I could see two documents. Someone else who has only
read rights went in and could see 7 documents. We added the Yes/No
column to the view and the account with only read rights could see 7
documents in that view set to yes. I then turned off the filter so that
my account could see all of the documents and those same documents that
the read-only account saw with Yes in the view, I saw with No in the

We ultimately figured out that when the status in the column was changed
from yes to no, those changes were pending. Once the changes were
approved everyone saw only 2 documents.

What I'm trying to understand is: how did the account with the least
rights see all 7 documents when someone with full control only saw 2
(before everything was approved)? Why did the account with Full
Control see the column set to No when the account with read-only rights
saw the column set to Yes?

Security and who can see what is a major issue here so I need to
understand how this could happen.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Rose Silva     Answered On: Jul 12

As you have suspected the difference was based on what was approved  versus
pending. I suspect that what happened  was that since the filter  depended on a
column that was added  AFTER the original view  was set  the filter only truly
applied to the pending  items. One of the things to check would be what the
default setting of the Yes/No column  was. I suspect the original approved items
either defaulted to the default  value or to a null for that column. Since the
filter was set to show  items with a value of YES, I would suspect a NULL or
default yes would show. The original view and values weren't updated with the
filter until some of the filtered  items were approved. This won't happen with a
list where the filter is there before documents  or items are added.

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