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Live data view

  Asked By: Jackson    Date: Sep 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1148

I just want to do one simple thing...Have a live view of my sales data
on sharepoint... I can put the data in Access or Excel and I can export
it to the wss. Site, but I can't get it to reflect any changes that are
made to the original file from a sharepoint view.

I know this must be very simple but for the life of me I can't figure it

Access creates a new table when you "link" it to a sharepoint list and
the table it creates does not refresh and I don't even know how to force
it to refresh.

Excel says any changes made to the file will appear on the sharepoint
site but I'm a little lost there too...Do I need to make a query of the
access or excel file or what?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Mason Davis     Answered On: Sep 23

Haven't played too much with Access, but the key with Excel is that once you
export to WSS you need to make it the master copy - that's why it's an "export"
rather than a "link". To make changes you'll either edit the WSS list  directly
or do an Excel export from the list and use the Synchronize menu option to push
the changes back to the list. The latter will let you keep a new, linked copy
of the data  in Excel that you can save locally and synchronize whenever you

Answer #2    Answered By: Savannah Pena     Answered On: Sep 23

I don't want to do this, the wss  side is intended for viewing the data
only, not for input. Quickbooks is our front end software for this..
Sharepoint is intended for a simple  extranet view  of our front end to
our clients.

snip> or do an Excel export from the list  to push the changes back to
the list.

I just tried this and from what I can see it just overwrote the original
file/worksheet.. No changes got "pushed" back.

I may have missed a step somewhere.
I have every resource at my fingertips, all the microsoft books, the
software and servers etc...It's the knowledge of the Fabrinni that I
seem to be lacking. lol

My gratitude is yours for bearing with me on this.

Answer #3    Answered By: Upendra Bordoloi     Answered On: Sep 23

You are correct that the initial export from WSS -> Excel will overwrite the xls
file/worksheet - this is how it works. Once this first overwrite is complete,
the file  you have is now "linked" to the WSS list  and any changes made  can be
synched to the WSS list (or vise-versa, but it appears you aren't interested in

Answer #4    Answered By: Ali Javed     Answered On: Sep 23

yes, that's what I want...I want to do that.
All I want to do is see my sales data  on a webpage.

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