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LIST W/ BRANCHING LOGIC in microsoft.public.sharepoint.design_and_customization

  Asked By: Nilay    Date: May 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 6014

I have to build a list. However, I did want to set some controls within the
list because of its size. I really love the branching logic w/ the surveys
and this would be a perfect fit of what I'm trying to accomplish. However, I
do need the responses in a "list" format. Can I create a list with a
branching logic? Can I create a survey that autopopulates in a list? If
either is not an option - can I create a list with "if statements" under the
calculated value field or webpart?

The scenario is: Question A has 3 possible answers in a drop down. If they
choose Answer A they skip to Question B, Answer B skip to Question C, Answer
C skip to Question D.

The form is quite detailed w/ over 50 questions so having the branching
logic or something that comes close would be beneficial.



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