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List Does Not Exist Error Message

  Asked By: Chelsea    Date: May 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3227

Has anyone seen instances where you encounter a "List Does Not Exist..." error message on a web part page? I am getting this message intermittently. I've found a few blogs and message board items referring to the same error message. The postings have typically said one of three things:
Upgrade to Service Pack 1 - Does not apply, as I am on SP2
Check your Data View Web Parts and make sure they are referencing real lists - this applies on some pages, which I've fixed, but I am seeing the error on other pages that contain no DVWPs.
Check the permissions on the template pages, which was a solution mentioned in the following posting - http://www.sharepointu.com/forums/m_31155/tm.htm
I am leaning towards the last one because I am on a server farm with two front-end web servers, which may explain why I only get the issue some of the time. What I'm not clear on is what the correct permissions should be on the template pages in the 60 hive.

Anyone have any thoughts on either the correct permissions or on other possible explanations?



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