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Limitation of sharepoint poratl

  Asked By: Palash    Date: Apr 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1121

I working on presentation on sharepoint portal 2003.in that i found
good material on microsoft site but i not get any information about
limitation of sharepoint poratl can any one will provide the same,any
link,any document



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Answer #1    Answered By: Marlena Noble     Answered On: Apr 30

There's a lot it "doesn't" do out of the box but not many software makers
are going to document any of that. One of the things I wish it did better
was handle alerts. Appointment reminders for one would be nice. The site
will alert you via email when an event is added for instance but not when
the task, event, reminder is due. I guess they figure you'll use Outlook for
reminders or whatever, but what if you work at a lot of different locations
and Outlook is setup on local workstations using pop3? Then you need the
centralizing power of Sharepoint to kick you a message when your anniversary
is tomorrow etc... More calendar flexibility is desirable for a whole host
of reasons and bidirectional communication from Outlook to wss events would
be nice as well. Also, the ootb data connection tools in Front page are
lacking. They should be much more robust for connecting backend to front end
services and should be able to search across a local network with no
problem. The site search utility is ok but could be better, the stability is
very good but I've found using a lot of data connections in the site seems
to cause a few problems if you don't get it exactly right the first time
around. I.E. bringing Quickbooks data into your site. You need to connect
the tables one at a time instead of being able to grab multiple tables in
one shot and then sort/filter etc..

I finally figured out how to add the remote desktop webpart after some
extensive reading this weekend, but there's still some sort of active-x
trust issue I'm wrestling with and that's got me stumped at the moment.
Thanks Bryan and everyone for your patience and guidance. Frontpage should
be able to more easily bring in prefabricated webparts as well. That
stsadmin.exe stuff is a pain.

I hope with any luck to have built my first webpart by this summer, I've
been playing with C++, C# and Vbasic and just now seeing a little of how it
all works. I'd love to see an "appointment alert" webpart and then some more
flexibility in assigning custom made column names to custom lists instead of
the ID, time modified, time created, created by, etc. Nobody in the real
world cares about all that stuff.

All in all though it's hard to knock it, I think Sharepoint is the coolest
thing since popcorn.

If it did nothing else but store documents as well as it does, it would
still pay for itself.

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