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KPI value not calculating Sum from SharePoint List

  Asked By: Stella    Date: Dec 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4001

I am having an issue with pulling a SUM value from a column on a SharePoint list into a KPI I've created. The SharePoint list that I'm basing my KPI off of is a document library that has columns & values based on the content type of the library. The column I'm wanting use in the KPI is a currency column, and in the document library, I have a total sum displayed in the view which calculates correctly.

When I create the KPI, I select the Sharepoint List and view, and specificy the indicator value as a Calculation of all the list items in the view - Sum of (currency column name). After setting my Status icon values and clicking OK, I'm taken back to the KPI list view. I see my newly created KPI, however, the current value (which should equal the sum of the currency column) is $0.00 and incorrect. If I go back to my document library, the sum total there is correct. I went through and tested the KPI out using a plain number column instead of a currency column, and still received the same results.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Savannah Pena     Answered On: Dec 12

I was not able to duplicate what you saw. (I created  a doc library  then added a column  called "cost," as currency  type. I loaded a few documents and set prices. I created a KPI, selected the library, all items  view, then made the value be sum  of cost. It works.)

However, I found a similar behavior when creating data views. If one of the rows had a NULL value in the field (instead of zero or "$0.00") it would not calculate the sum in the XSLT. In the list  view version, it would calculate the sum.

Another weird behavior that may not be related: If I was summing a calculated column in the KPI that had been set to output numeric or currency, but that had been calculated from text columns, that calculated column did not show in the dropdown. It did not show as a column that the KPI could sum. I was able to fix it by creating intermediate calculated columns  that set their output to number  or currency. Then the final calculated column that I was summing in the KPI had only number or currency columns as input.

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