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Using a KPI to measure the progress between two dates

  Asked By: Shasta    Date: Oct 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1498

Hope someone can advise me on this, I'll try and be as clear as possible.

I have a custom list - "Requests". It's going to be used to log requests by an IT Helpdesk.

The manager of the Helpdesk wants to be able to see how far through a particular request the user has gotten.

The request has two columns: Date Created and Date Due

Date Created is a basic Date column, set to "Today" as the default entry
Date Due is another basic date column, where the user selects the due date from the standard drop-down calender picker

The manager wants to see a traffic light that goes from:

GREEN (the request has only just been logged and is less than 50% of the way through between start and due date),
AMBER (the request has gone beyond more than 50% of the way through between the start and due date)
RED (the request Due Date is imminent - say, 90% of the way through the date period)

How can I achieve this?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Alka Sarabhai     Answered On: Oct 07

You can just leave it as a single line of text. You just need it as a reference when you setup the configuration. Once you have it included you can delete the Today column. If you ever need to modify the formula you would need to add it back in. Refer to the first link I included.

Just remember that this will produce a static result and will only update when you edit the list  item. If you want something dynamic you will have to go with a computed column  or the custom  dataview option. Refer to the other links I provided for those options.

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