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kerberos frustrations

  Asked By: Sekhar    Date: Jan 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 781

Okay, I'm about at the end of my rope on this one. I'm trying to get
kerberos working with Sharepoint 2007.

I have done this before in test environments without any major
problems. Of course, now that I'm doing it with real servers in our
production environment, it's not working.

I've set Windows Authentication in Sharepoint and double-checked that
NTAuthenticationProviders is set to Negotiate, NTLM. I've created my
SPNs and verified that they seem to be correct with kerbtray. I have
verified IE settings and yet, I still get prompted repeatedly for
credentials when trying to access the site.

What seems odd to me is if I try to connect and then look in the
security log on the WFE, it shows a successful anonymous logon (but
then shows my domain\username in the event description and says it's
using kerberos). The IIS log in c:\windows\system32\logfiles shows my
domain\username as well.

In my test environment where it's working, I see in the security log
that there's an succesful entry for my domain/user showing a list of
privileges. Directly after that is another succesful logon event
similar to what I'm seeing in the broken production environment except
that no part of it is anonymous.

It seems as though it's not trying to use my account to access the
sharepoint site but rather anonymous access (which is disabled). I
don't really have a clue why.

If anybody has ideas about what would cause this or some additional
troubleshooting steps I could take, I would greatly appreciate it.



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