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.JSP pages brought into MOSS2007

  Asked By: Tyson    Date: Jul 19    Category: MOSS    Views: 1078

I am curious as to if anyone has tried this or can visualize it in their
heads and offer recommendations?

We have a Web Application that is built on .jsp for browsing our product
lists, selecting products, filling a shopping cart and checking-out (all
included in this .jsp web application.

We would like to present a NEW front-end for this application's function
using MOSS2007. So in short, we are going to install a MOSS2007
environment in an Extranet and are attempting to integrate the
application into our new MOSS2007 pages.

The way we are conceptualizing how this would work (and I'm not a
developer here, so pardon lack of detail) is that we would have a
MOSS2007 page with (probably) a custom built web part that would
retrieve the .jsp pages from the back-end application and display it for
use to the customer on the MOSS2007 page.

Does this make sense? And is this even possible? And how to maintain
session state between the user and the back-end application?

The other piece to this is the Authentication (SSO). We are
conceptualizing that a customer would log into MOSS2007 extranet and
then we could pass the users credentials to the back-end .jsp
application and login the user on behalf of the user (kind of SSO).
Does this sound solid?

Is there an easier way in existence to achieve the above that we may
have overlooked?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Royce Orr     Answered On: Jul 19

You may want to look at WSRP (MOSS has an out of the box Web Part for
this but I haven't used it):

Answer #2    Answered By: Laura Walker     Answered On: Jul 19

The answer depends in part  how your current "back-end" application  is
structured; in general it's likely going to be a challenge no matter
what. Typically applications  written assuming they "own" the entire
page don't play well (visually, structurally, behaviorally) when asked
to coexist on the same page  as other components (portlets, web  parts,


- Todd Bleeker mentioned WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets). As
the name implies, WSRP requires that the remote application use JSR168
portlets, web parts, or equivalent technology that decomposes content
into managed markup fragments, and that it explicitly expose these
components as UI services. Since you're talking about .JSPs, not
portlets, I'm figuring this is not how your app is designed. I'm not
aware of any existing servlet containers that can expose arbitrary web
content through WSRP. Rewriting your traditional .JSP-based
application to use portlets would be just as much work  as rewriting to
use web parts that run native in MOSS.

- You might do something with iframes, if the markup isn't too
poorly-behaved. Doesn't help with authentication, and there are
usability issues, but it's fast and easy.

- if the markup coming out of your application needs only light
processing to work as web part content (stripping enclosing markup
elements, changing styles), and your JSP pages  can be modified to
generate XML instead of HTML (again, depends on how well-written your
pages are), you might be able to do something using the XML web part
and XSLT.

- if you can't use the application markup unchanged or use XSLT, or
you need credential passthroughs for SSO, then you're probably talking
some custom  web part that handles requesting the remote page (passing
session state  and credentials) and transforming the response into
something web-part-friendly.

- And of course, depending on how well your J2EE application is
written (e.g. organized into distinct model/view/controller layers),
you might eventually choose to replace just the view portion with MOSS
web parts, leaving the business logic and other layers intact on your
J2EE server accessed via SOAP or the like.

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