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How to add an item to an Issue List that contains LookupColumns, SPP

  Asked By: Hemali    Date: Feb 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2107

We have an Issue List for Service Requests. We have an EventHandler on a
Form library that processes an InfoPath form when it is submitted and
generates a new Issue List item. Once an item is initatiated, a supervisor
assigns the Issue item. The Assign To column is a LookupColumn that draws
from User Information (Contacts List). There is also another LookupColumn
that pulls a 'Service Type' column from another list.

the process has been working well for a year or so. Now there is a
requirement to add the 'Assign To' and 'Service Type' to the form. I have
created a new form with the required LookupColumns and published to a new
form library. I have created a new EventHandler for the new library that
creates a new Issue Item is the same Issue List.

The problem is I can't get the EventHandler to and an item that contains the
values for the LookupColumns. the EventHandler fires and send an email
writes to the event log, but does not add a new item to the Issue s List.
The EventHandler uses:

newItem("Requestor") = sRequest
newItem("Requestor_x0027_s_x0020_Phone") = sRequest_phone
newItem("Requester_x0027_s_x0020_Email") = sRequest_email
newItem("Organization") = sRequest_Department
'newItem("Current_x0020_Issue_x0020_Comments") = sCurIssue
newItem("Comment") = sCurIssue
newItem("Category") = Trim(sCategory)
newItem("Author") = sCreatedBy
newItem("Editor") = sCreatedBy


This works but if I try to add:

newItem("Service Type") = sServiceType
newItem("Assigned To") = sAssignTo
The item doesw not get created.

I've Googled and tried searching the wsssdk.chm, but haven't had any luck.

Anyone know how to programatically add an entry for a LookupColumn?



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