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Issue with SSRS in SP Integrated mode, Jump To URLs in reports

  Asked By: Fallon    Date: Aug 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2104

this is an obscure one. I'm working with some folks running SSRS 2005 in integrated mode. I am not sure what the specific version is but we are trying to get that info from the team that manages the operations.

The functionality I'm trying to use is the Jump to URL in the report. This allows you to specify a URL which you can jump to when report data is clicked. It renders as a hyperlink and works just like you would expect a hyperlink to work. You can bind this to data so, for example, if you have a data set that contains two fields, Title and URL, you can bind them. So if in your data you had:

URL: http://www.bing.com

Title: Bing

The report would show the title "Bing" and it would be rendered as a hyperlink to http://www.bing.com so when you click the word Bing it jumps to the URL. It's pretty basic out of the box stuff.

This functionality works as long as the URL is NOT a URL which in the farm environment. For example, let's say the share point environment, which is running SSRS is running on:
http://intranet.company.com/ (root URL of Web Application)

and the report you are running is:
http://intranet.company.com/Reports/report.rdl (Report file called report.rdl in the /Reports doc lib)

If you try to render a Jump to/ link to anything that is running under http://intranet.company.com/ such as
http://intranet.company.com/Documents/Test.docx (a document in some other library)

the hyperlink functionality does not show up, the label appears but the hyperlink is not active. Again, this ONLY occurs if the link is something inside of this web application. If the link is to any outside source it works fine. The particular use case here is that I'm trying to render a report that has links to attachments which are contained in the site which is also running SSRS.

Here is another documented case of this in the MSDN forums, note this post describes two issues and the identification of this issue occurs after the first one is solved so read from the bottom up:


Like I said, I don't yet know the specific version & service level of the SSRS components. I'm thinking that this has to be a bug/issue in the product that was resolved with an update. Has anyone seen/resolved this issue in the past.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tanisha Rowe     Answered On: Aug 08

Not exactly sure which article I read, but somewhere on TechNet there's information regarding certain functionalities that wont be supported when SSRS is used in SharePoint Integration mode. Here's a list of some of them:

Linked Reports - not supported
My Report - not supported
Batching Methods - not supported
Data Driven Subscription - not supported


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