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Issue with OOB workflows

  Asked By: Isabel    Date: Apr 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1438

For some reason the OOB workflows want to use a task list that I created instead
of a workflow tasks list. (It turns out this was the issue preventing an OOB
workflow form from being viewed once the workflow had completed. I can use the
Approval and Collect Feedback workflows as templates, and point them to the
correct tasks list, that isn't an issue. What I would like to do is still have
them available as templates, but not be viewable to our end users when they
click on the drop down of a document and select "workflows." How would I go
about doing that?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Dante Parsons     Answered On: Apr 01

The Approval and Collect Feedback workflows  show up in the Workflows menu
because they were instantiated as workflows for the document  content type. To
remove them from the list  go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Content
Types > Document. In the document content type settings click on Workflow
Settings and then on Remove Workflow. Set the radio button for each workflow  to
either "No new instances" or "Remove" and click OK. The Approval and Collect
Feedback workflow won't show in the workflows menu anymore, but will still be
available for creating new workflow instances in specific document libraries.

Answer #2    Answered By: Luke Davis     Answered On: Apr 01

I am hoping you might be able to point  me in a direction or shed some light on a
situation I have with a workflow  associated with a document  library.
We had developed the site and library on another site collection and then made a
template of the subsite and used it to create a subsite on a new site
collection. This document library had some custom SPD workflows  and some OOTB
workflows associated with it. I had to obviously go into the custom workflows
and change the GUIDs to be correct for my new subsite, those are working. But
the OOTB ones are showing in the workflow choices for an individual file but not
in the settings in the library so I can't make any modifications or remove them,
I am afraid of creating a new one with same name and have both of them show and
really confuse people.
I hope I explained my dilemma appropriately so that you can help.
I realize this message thread is a year old or so, but it is similar and showed
during my search.
I have read in other research that deactivating and reactivating the routing
feature doesn't do anything, I have not tried it as I don't want to break what
is working, but I am seeing that I may have to start from scratch for this

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