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Issue with forwarded meeting invites in Outlook and SharePoint meeting workspaces

  Asked By: Gopalakrishnan    Date: Sep 21    Category: MOSS    Views: 13123


If I am sending a meeting invite to few others in the organization and configure a meeting workspace also from Outlook, I can see all the invitees added to the meeting workspace site and mapped to Contributors role. If I forward the same invite to few others who were not part of the original invite and when they accept, they too get added to the site along with Contributors role.

But if one of my invitees forward the meeting invite to another person in the organization and the other person accepts it, those invitees are not added to the meeting workspace site at all.

What I thought was that this could be due to manage site permissions not available to the invitee who forwarded the meeting invite to others. So, before asking my invitees to forward the meeting invite to others, I added the invitees as site administrators. Even then, when my invitee forward the meeting invite to others and they accept the invite, those new invitees are not getting added to the meeting workspace site.

But having this feature is my customer's requirement - so, is there any way that I could make that possible? Or if it is just not possible in any way because of a technical reason, please let me know so that I can explain this to the customer.

Any help/pointers are greatly appreciated.



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