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How to inventory client components version

  Asked By: Pauline    Date: Mar 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1008

how do you [easily] determine what version of a dll
is on all of your sharepoint clients, and then [silently] roll out the
latest update of the client components to everyone?


So you've deployed Sharepoint. You deployed it back before SP1, then you've
gone to SP1, then you've gone to SP2a.

You then think -- Gasp! each of these came with client components, and you
don't know which clients have which version? You know that you can manually
go look for msdaipp.dll and check the version, but how do you manage this
across lots of PC's?

Microsoft recommends that all clients be the same version as the server.
They also publish that the different version numbers are as follows:

RTM = 3914.3
SP1 = 4629
SP2a = 6011.5

I really want everyone on the SP2a's client code, but I don't want to bother
the people who already have it installed.

I realize that this is probably more of a Windows Group Policy or general
windows installer type of question, but since we all deal with client
components and different versions, maybe someone out there can share their
.ini settings and/or procedures for keeping client components up to date?

I'd really just like a quick script or something that lets me find out who
has what version without going out and getting a pricey inventory package.



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