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intranet portal

  Asked By: Alfred    Date: Sep 26    Category: MOSS    Views: 1229

I have an information architecture 'what would you do' question for you

Our org (and myself) are new to MOSS and I'm now in charge of taking an
proposed information architecture and template system and migrate it
into MOSS for our intranet. This IA/Template was created by a
knowledgeable consulting group, however, it wasn't designed with MOSS
specifically in mind (in that it's not a MOSS template...just HTML +

I have a few questions. For starters, here are some images that
hopefully explain the IA and templates a bit better:


At the top is a quick site-map I created to explain how we *think* this
might be best implemented in SP.

The home page + second level pages (called 'gateway' pages) will likely
be owned/maintained by one group (our communications office) mainly to
control what goes on there.

These top two layers are really just a multi-page site map of sorts.
Actual content on these pages will be limited to universal bits like
organization news announcements and the like.

The 3rd-level on down would then be individual 'sub sites' likely owned
and maintained by individual site owners.

Based on this, what would you do? My initial thoughts/question:

- top two layers would be a publishing portal using the CMS features.
'Gateway' pages would pretty much be a page that contains multiple list
web parts, each list containing links down into the specific pages of
each department site.

- 3rd level-on-down pages I was hoping to just be team sites, but it
doesn't appear that a publishing portal can contain child team
sites...only child CMS sites. Based on that, I'm now thinking they
really should just all be team collaboration sites using the same

- Navigation: the left nav and top nav, being static and not a literal
representation of the technical site architecture would just be static
web parts. Either editable HTML parts or just simply
webcontrols/includes that I maintain as needed.

- the right nav (on the department site level) would be using a dynamic
sharepoint webcontrol to create those links.

Thoughts on any of the above? The one tedious issue is that the gateway
pages owner will have to be notified anytime a team site decides to
remove or add a page that they want represented on the gateway site.
While it is tedious, there is the benefit that it will keep the
communications department aware of what's out there on our intranet.

The last question is to ask if anyone has built a pure CSS template
system with MOSS. From what I hear, this can be a bit o a challenge, as
a lot (most?) of the built in controls STILL spit out copious amounts of
table tags. The templates we have were built using Yahoos CSS framework.
I have a few reservations about that regardless of MOSS, but have a
hunch that using the Yahoo framework within MOSS is only asking for
trouble. Am I being overly dramatic?



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