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Integrating and Manipulating SharePoint

  Asked By: Wyatt    Date: Oct 16    Category: MOSS    Views: 929

I've been working with SharePoint Moss 2007 for a little while. Not
long enough to really have time to figure some things out.

Here are somethings I'd like to know about SharePoint:

1) How much wiggle room do I have with this top level navigation?
Can I use images (gifs) to replace that navigation? I'm thinking of
gif's with dhtml mappings that can expand just like the top level
navigation does.

2) Can I write an application, let's say in coldfusion, that has a
connection string to SharePoint and can use SharePoint data to display
in the coldfusion app?

3) Can I write an application in SharePoint use a connection string
that connects to another SQL database and displays data from that
database in SharePoint?

I've already written a BDC and it's just not easy and is very difficult
to pass data back and forth. I'm looking for an alternative to this.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Stacia Guy     Answered On: Oct 16

Looks like you may still be uncomfortable with one of the basic tenants
of SharePoint development, you the developer no longer dictate the
fields used in the creation of data tables (DDL), it is now owned by the
end user in the form of Lists (hopefully via Content Types). You can
work with them to get the Content Types defined but ultimately, they get
to own this. If this tenant is followed and your code adopts to its
context, solutions can be altered over time by the end user without your
direct intervention. This mindset takes some getting accustomed to.

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