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Integrating LOB database using Webservice and BDC

  Asked By: Bennie    Date: Nov 02    Category: MOSS    Views: 1012

I'm planning to develop a MOSS Portal which is going to be
business (no data manipulation) views.

My portal will be connected to LOB databases and fetch the results,
based on the search criteria , display results in tabular format.

Below,I have given the two types of approach what I'm planning to do.

Can any one suggest me, which would be the best approach?

Approach 1 – using BDC:

I'm planning to develop the web service (because other non .NET
application requires this data later) and connecting the web service
through BDC for fetching the results.

For example, once user enters the search criteria, the search
criteria will be passed on to BDC and BDC in turn will talk to web
service to fetch the results.

The fetched results are displayed in Tabular format (DataGrid).

We can't use BDC web parts in this scenario because we have some
customization like on click of some columns it should take user to
some detail page. So i'm planning to use datagrid.

Approach 2 – Using Web service directly
Directly query the results the web service from web part.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Felecia Goff     Answered On: Nov 02

Based on your examples I'd actually suggest a 3rd option - use
SharePoint Designer to create a data  View web  part linked to the web
service. This will allow you to create something customizable (the
examples you give can be done) and doesn't require custom coding which
your second option would require.

Before you go this route, I'd re-visit the BDC and how search  works.
The general flow of what you are talking about is available and can be
done via XSLT changes to the search results  if you aren't locked into
display via a data grid.

Answer #2    Answered By: David Scott     Answered On: Nov 02

You also have to consider what is "optimal" through the microsoft
framework. Our portal  is starting to run slow. A Comparison of
running search  through the webpart framework versus working outside
of it needs to be considered.

Answer #3    Answered By: Lakeshia Gould     Answered On: Nov 02

Possibly integrating  external data  directly in a SharePoint list can be a good
solution in terms of performance. Try the BDLC offered here:


Updates are done very fast in background and you can start workflows to take
business actions in SharePoint, if external data is changed.

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