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integrated report viewer webpart limitations, but not able to develop my own

  Asked By: Mercedes    Date: Apr 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4049

the integrated report viewer web part to display reporting services reports in sharepoint is good... but limited!
The web part do not support a dynamic report selection + connected parameters at the same time.
My page display a filter web part and the list of the reports from a document library, I try to connect both web parts t o the report viewer web part (the same parameter coming from the filter web part as to be sent to a common parameter define in each report coming from my document library)
But I'm not able to connect the filter web part after I connect the report list web part.

another issue I have: there is a lack of options to choose interactivity I want with the report (like exporting only, but not be able to print...) and also the system always use fixed size webpart, and I want a dynamic layout (the report as to take all the space possible, and I don't want the scroll bars)

so... conclusion... I'm looking for another report viewer webpart... or I have to create my own.
unfortunatly, when I try to create a webpart where I add the reportviewer control, I got an unexpected error.
And I have no idea why.

My current status in this development is simple: I have a simple web part where I just add the reportviewer control and I connect it to 1 report (later I'll add the interactivity required)
But this simple webpart crash.

Anybody as some sample code to create a new reportviewer webpart?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Siobhan Waller     Answered On: Apr 17

Well there is an approach I used before to get out of all limitation and security problems(instead of Web Parts):
1-Convert the report  from rdl to rdlc.See the following article:

2-Use VS2005 ReportViewer Control to view your report in an aspx page
3-Put your aspx page in SharePoint Layouts folder(So you can open tese page from any site)

You may need to make some google searching for Customizing VS2005 ReportViewer Control for more features.It is realy easier than go through WebParts problems.
I hope this way become helpfull for your problems...

Answer #2    Answered By: Lorenzo Steele     Answered On: Apr 17

finaly I have found the problem, its related to a appsetting config set by the installation of RS for sharepoint.
once the appsetting is removed from the web.config, the webpart  works fine. (the setting is rsmessage or something like this)

in fact the problem can also impact the the eagle solution and as to be applied in order to be able to display  the reports  correctly under WSS 3.0

also... I'm using RS2008, not 2005, so the report  viewer is able to render reports stored in WSS directly without relying to an RDLC conversion.

now my webpart works perfectly.