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Install: SharePoint Portal Server vs FrontPage 2002 Server Extension

  Asked By: Nishita    Date: Feb 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 22960

I'm having a hell of a time installing SharePoint Portal Server (SPS)
while maintaining support for FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions (FPSE)
on the same machine.

I know SPS does not like FPSE but I believe, perhaps mistakenly, that it
is possible to use virtual servers to resolve this conflict.

I need to maintain the ability to develop ASP and ASP.NET applications on
the same machine that I must use to install and learn SPS. I'm using
FrontPage 2003 and Visual Studio.NET 2003 as my IDE applications.

\\metro3 is the Default Web Site (All Assigned Port: 80) where I believe
I am required to install SPS.

\\dev is a virtual server created using host headers and the hosts file
also using (All Assigned Port: 80) where I hope to use FrontPage
and VS.NET to develop ASP.NET and Classic ASP applications.

I need to be able to use \\dev to create and use WSS enabling me to
use that virtual server to simulate a user's experience to create
sites and so on.

SPS and FPSE installation order and procedures would be helpful to
discuss as what I have been trying is simply not working out for me.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jocelyn Scott     Answered On: Feb 09

I am using FPSE to develop on the same box that I have SPS installed. The way I
have it set up is when I need to develop asp.net projects I use the address of
http://<server>/_layouts/ This allows me to work on everything I want and still
have SharePoint installed. Originally I tried to use virtual servers but ran
into more difficulty then I wanted, and that is why I went in the direction I
did. If you have any questions or need some more info on my set up let me know.