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Inserting images

  Asked By: Chaim    Date: Oct 08    Category: MOSS    Views: 1504

In MOSS 2007 there is an improved feature in the content editor webpart. it is a little GUI that allows you to browse your site collection for an image to insert. I think this is a fantastic tool for the less that web savy users. What I want to know is, is it possible to call this same feature from a blog or wiki page to insert an image. If so how would I go about doing that?

FYI the GUI is in the layouts directory called AssetImagePicker.aspx



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Answer #1    Answered By: Joshuah Huber     Answered On: Oct 08

I confused. My WSS v3 Content Editor Web Part doesn’t look any different than in did in WSS v2:

But I can insert an image on a blog and/or a wiki:

Can you say a little more about where you are seeing the little GUI option? Are you sure you aren’t looking at a publishing field control rather than the CEWP?

Answer #2    Answered By: Gopal Jamakhandi     Answered On: Oct 08

This is a publishing “feature” feature. MOSS07 only.

On publishing sites, the publishing feature has created special images  document libraries to store re-usable content for publishing pages.

The picker that permits users creating publishing pages to select images from those document libraries and only store a link to the image in the database entries for the page so that updating the image in the central storage updates everywhere it is used. You also may choose to copy the image to page in which case a copy of the image is stored in the page with no connection back to the source.

You also have those options with variation labels.

Answer #3    Answered By: Keenan Whitehead     Answered On: Oct 08

But site doesn't have the Publishing feature activated. Is
just having MOSS installed sufficient to get an upgraded CEWP? I don't
have a MOSS VPC to check.

Answer #4    Answered By: Damon Garner     Answered On: Oct 08

Yes… if you have MOSS installed, even without the Publishing Feature activated, you get the same dialog. For example, if I click the Rich Text Editor button for a CEWP that I’ve added to a standard WSS site (on a box with MOSS B2TR installed)…

Answer #5    Answered By: Dameon Dejesus     Answered On: Oct 08

Not necessarily… yes, it is a MOSS thing, but you don’t have to have the Publishing Feature activated to get that special Asset Picker. However, you can ~not~ customize the Asset Picker unless you are launching it from a Publishing Site to the best of my knowledge

Answer #6    Answered By: Tejaswani Barve     Answered On: Oct 08

The intial options don't look any different, but when I click the option to insert a picture I get the attached form with options. Clicking on the browse button beside the image URL text box allows me to select an image from anywhere in my site or site collection.

Answer #7    Answered By: Harshita Padwal     Answered On: Oct 08

The toolbar that’s provided for the HTML Editor Control is extensible (see the MOSS SDK for more info on this) but the one you use in a blog/wiki template isn’t extensible. However I’m not sure why you couldn’t replace the page that’s used to create/edit Wiki pages. I don’t think that page is specific to Wiki pages, but not sure. Then you could create your own toolbar that added that image dialog… seems like a lot of extra work though.

Answer #8    Answered By: Jennifer Jones     Answered On: Oct 08

As I suspected, the Field Control you are using is not the Content Editor Web

Answer #9    Answered By: Annie Norris     Answered On: Oct 08

I am using the content editor webpart in a teamsite. I am not using the publishing page template, is there something else that would make this a publishing page?

Answer #10    Answered By: Chadd Hahn     Answered On: Oct 08

I'm baffled but I’d be thrilled to be wrong. Here's what I see when I add the Content Editor Web Part to the page:

Here’s what I see when this Content Editor Web Part is placed onto the page:

Do you have MOSS installed? Why do you think it is the Content Editor Web Part? How did you add it to the page? Is it in a Web Zone? Can you show a snapshot of the tool pane where you can edit properties for the Web Part?

Also, choose Site Features from the Site Settings page, is the Publishing Feature Activated?

Answer #11    Answered By: Cheryl Kelley     Answered On: Oct 08

Nope the publishing feature is not activated.

Answer #12    Answered By: Kalyan Pujari     Answered On: Oct 08

That is exactly what I see as well. I attached a screen shot of the webpart. I will check the Site settings feature you mentioned...

Answer #13    Answered By: Jagdish Joshi     Answered On: Oct 08

How are you getting the HTML editor to show? Are you clicking the Rich Text Editor button? Here's what I get when I click on the Rich Text Editor button in a WSS v3 only environment.

Answer #14    Answered By: Shara Johnson     Answered On: Oct 08

yep I click on the rich text editor and get the same as what you pictured below then I click on the insert image icon and that's when I get the html editor.

Answer #15    Answered By: Christop Mcfadden     Answered On: Oct 08

Ok so can I use this publishing feature on all my pages? Specifically on the wiki and blog pages to insert images?

Answer #16    Answered By: Cassidy Sharpe     Answered On: Oct 08

I don't know but I doubt it. The Blog and Wiki insert image that I have
on WSS v3 are just two textboxes (posted an image of the dialog on my
first reply). What does your dialog look like?

Answer #17    Answered By: Damon Garner     Answered On: Oct 08

I don’t think so either since neither use publishing features.

The page storage for publishing pages which use master pages and layout pages is different than wiki and blogs which are WSS not MOSS features.

Answer #18    Answered By: Hans Weiss     Answered On: Oct 08

I don't want to customize it, I just want to call it as an image picker from my wiki and blog pages...

Answer #19    Answered By: Alison West     Answered On: Oct 08

OK here is my theory... while digging through the code I discovered that the the new CE part is calling a html editor that has the same functionality as a rich text editor. In the case of a blog a rte is called from the new post page, I am wondering can I go into the new post page and call the html editor rather than the rte?

Does that sound like something that will work to you guys or is it going to break something that I am not thinking of?

Answer #20    Answered By: Freddy Heath     Answered On: Oct 08

I’d give it a shot!

But, I’d also make sure you have undo disks turned on for your virtual environment

Answer #21    Answered By: Joanna Dixon     Answered On: Oct 08

I like to think of it more as “cautiously proceeding to push the limits of a beta product”

Answer #22    Answered By: Justine Barrera     Answered On: Oct 08

And we are all waiting for the published results!

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