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Initial SharePoint 2007 Setup

  Asked By: Dianna    Date: Aug 12    Category: MOSS    Views: 887

I've just now joined the site (it's Super
Bowl Sunday and I'm working prior to the game). Special hello to
anyone just returned from the Orlando Developer Class a couple of
weeks ago.

I'm an old Visual Basic/SQL Server grunt trying to get out of the
back room and into the sunlight of the SharePoint Consultant world.
Consequently I'll be asking questions which most of you already know
the answer. Please bear with me here in the beginning.

After asking for an Advanced Type of WSSv3 installation my choices
for Server Type are:

1. Web Front End - Only install components required to render content
to users. Can add servers to form a SharePoint farm.
2. Stand-alone - Install all components on a single machine (includes
Windows Internal Database). Cannot add servers to create a SharePoint

My notes from the Orlando class aren't very clear (my own fault) and
this seemingly ominous choice scares the hell out of me. I don't want
to make a mistake here in the beginning which will cost me dearly in
time down the road. It's taken me long enough as it is to install
Server 2003 SP1, SQL Server, Office 2007, etc on my first ever
Virtual PC.

I have a box dedicated solely to this project and plan a single site
collection as the basis for my experimentation and learning. I'll go
into the marketplace around March (hopefully) as a one man consulting
practice selling SharePoint 2007 to small and medium size businesses.
I will only be using the single machine to do my development and
deployment packaging.

Which Server Type should I choose?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Gaurav Nemane     Answered On: Aug 12

The difference in the choices between the class and your scenario is you
are doing a WSS install vs MOSS07.

With WSSv3, your choice would be Web front End. WSSv3 has no shared
Services, so there is no "Complete" choice.

WFE choice will want a SQL server for the databases which we discussed
on the phone.

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