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  Asked By: Johnpaul    Date: Jul 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1609

Have you contacted Infragistics support? Is there any documentation that
comes with the component? you may want to join



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Answer #1    Answered By: Daron Oneill     Answered On: Jul 25

Infragistics has monitored newsgroups. You just have to have a reader such as Outlook Express… devcenter.infragistics.com/DevCom/NewsGroups.Aspx

Answer #2    Answered By: M Juarez     Answered On: Jul 25

Can you help me in this regard? I am wondering, It
seems Infragistics is poor documented.

I am trying this Newsgroups, but it opens outlook
express and shows 'There is no message selected"

I was searching for documentaion and sample snipets,
nothing is available.

Answer #3    Answered By: Marty Mcdowell     Answered On: Jul 25

You should be able to open outlook express and add a newsgroup subscription, and then point to the address of the infragistics  newsgroup of choice. If that doesn’t work, I’m stumped. Maybe your firewall is blocking it. I’ve had trouble accessing it from inside a client’s network. Also, see the note at the bottom of the newsgroups listings page…

“If you have trouble connecting to the newsgroups, make sure that your newsreader's news server configuration is set to use Infragistics' news server, news.Infragistics.com.”

It’s not a sharepoint issue though, so it’s really not appropriate for this discussion group. Infragistics controls can be used in web parts in WSS, the easiest way being to wrap them in an asp.net user control. The only really tricky part is finding a place to put the image and .js files that all infragistics controls use.

Answer #4    Answered By: Bret Warner     Answered On: May 07

I am Using Infragistics Ultrawebgrid in my sharepoint
In that grid i have five columns. If i create new row,
i give values to
all columns when it reaches last column, it needs two
tabs (tab button press) to get new empty row
to fill then. But I need to do this task in single
Eg: i fill all columns once it reached last column
within single tab press
i need to create new empty row.

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