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InfoPath Forms Two Different Forms - Same Data

  Asked By: Bob    Date: Jul 31    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 5459

We have a InfoPath Form we are using to deal with a Outage issues,
the InfoPath form is made up of three parts, the first form is used
to indicate that a problem exist and a running log is maintained on
the form. Once the problem has been fixed, the Outage Form has a
button that the Operator presses which opens a new form view with a
Resolution InfoPath Form (2nd form). When this is filled out, the
Operator clicks a submit button which feeds two different SharePoint
(v2) form libraries, one is to monitor all open and closed ticket,
while the other is for Lesson Learned about the outage. So far this
is not an issue, everything works appropriately.

When a user accesses the Lesson learned form library and clicks on
the Lesson Learned XML file, I want that form to open in a READ-ONLY
view that I created, however, since the XML file was saved using a
form template from another Form Library, I am unable to use the form
template I created for the Lesson Learned form library where I set
the view as a READ-ONLY (using Expression Boxes) view because the
path of the saved XML form is pointing to the InfoPath Form Template
from the other library. The only way to change this is to relink the
form library so it resets itself to form template associated with the
Lesson learned master form template.

Does anyone have an idea how i can resolve this issue.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Darrius Whitfield     Answered On: Jul 31

I guess my question was a bit convoluted as no one responded. I am
still in need of a solution to this issue  so I will restate my need
in a couple of questions that i think is a possible solution:

1. Is there a way during a submit  process to block the saving of the
link that leads back to the form  template so that my default form
template is the one that is used when I open  the completed (saved)

2. Is there a method to force a relink  on a forms  library
automatically or during a submit (or other) process?

I will be happy to provide a more pictorial view  of my problem  if
someone has an idea  to help me resolve  this problem.

Answer #2    Answered By: Formotus Glen     Answered On: Aug 29

If the goal is to open to a read-only InfoPath view in certain circumstances, I would think about using a rule on form load to show that view based on a value in the form. You could set that value differently before submitting to the different sites. Then it won't matter which site is providing the template because that will not control which view is seen.


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