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InfoPath forms and MOSS 2007

  Asked By: Ojas    Date: Nov 11    Category: MOSS    Views: 1250

I have a Infopath web form that is used to enter transactions using a REPEATING
TABLE that stores each transaction in a SharePoint list. Every time a
transaction is entered, the quantity in stock of each line item in the repeating
table need to be decreased from the quantity in another custom list that holds
the inventory.

I have tried to do it within InfoPath and also with workflows without any luck.
I know I'm doing something wrong but haven't been able to figure out how to
identify each line item to the corresponding record in the inventory.

Can anybody point me to a "how-to" tutorial to do this without any coding?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Daamodar Bhadranavar     Answered On: Nov 11

How are you attempting to do this? Are you getting errors or unexpected
behavior, or is it just that you see nothing happening at all?

Normally when you need something to happen after a list item is
created/updated, you would use a workflow connected to that list. As long
as you're just updating another list within the same site, you should be
able to do this with SharePoint Designer (I believe the workflow action is
Update List Item).

Again, if you can give us details of what you tried with the workflow and
where you are in the process, we may be able to provide more targeted help.

Answer #2    Answered By: Destiny Lewis     Answered On: Nov 11

I tried creating a workflow using Update List Item, however, I'm having a
problem identifying the right record (because of the repeating table. When I
run the workflow, nothing happens.

Answer #3    Answered By: Tanisha Rowe     Answered On: Nov 11

It sounds like you need to better understand how to pass around the ID of the
item you're working on and your workflow item ID.

We would like much more information about your workflow and process in detail.
Screenshots or explicit statements about what you are expecting and have tried
would be helpful.

Answer #4    Answered By: Sierra Lewis     Answered On: Nov 11

Yes you can do this with WFs and SPD. We do some similar things but not
necessarily decreasing stock-on-hand. I am going to highlight a couple of
steps you will, in general, need to do.
I am assuming the InfoP form contains change transactions to be performed
(executed) against a stock-on-hand list.

First problem will be to get the stock sku's into your repeating table. Use a
secondary data connection to the sku list or SOH list.

Next, the big picture.
The form will update the FormLib's meta-data, and WFs on the FormLib will
update the SOH list. I forget if these need to be "on create" or "on change",
maybe both. Maybe the repeating table aspect will give you a bit of trouble.
It really depends on how the repeating table data shows up in the meta-data of
the FormLib. Try LOTS of simple experiments.

Remember, you can have lots of hidden fields on the form, and lots of
connections, math, logic between them, still within InfoPath, no developer
stuff. We insisted on brower-enabled forms. If you can give this up and use
the application on the client, you can do even more. We chose not to.

Since the FormLib meta-data contains the sku#, use it as to lookup the correct
row in SOH list.

Hope this is enough to get you going.

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