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InfoPath Columns that Just Won't Go Away

  Asked By: Darren    Date: Sep 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1779

I have three questions. See below for how I got to where I am now:

1) How the heck are multiple versions of the same column name
getting into my Form Library?

2) How do I get rid of the superfluous columns?

3) What did I do to get all three content types pointing to the
same instance of the column?

So here is the background.

I have an InfoPath (2007) form library that accepts three different
content types. The forms for these content types are different enough to
justify three different form templates, but similar enough that they
belong in the same folder.

I started noticing that, after publishing the form multiple times, that
there were repeat instances of the same column name. For example, I have
7 different columns in the form library called Report Date. At one
point, each of the three reports was pointing to a different Report Date
column, but now at least I have all three pointing back to the same one.
Although, I'm not 100% sure what I did to get all three using the same
one. And I have other columns - i.e. Client Name - that are used by all
three reports, but each report is promoting the value to a different
version of the Client Name column.

Needless to say, it gets very confusing very fast, when I try to define
a view, and I don't know which Report Date column to display in the
view, nor do I know which one to sort on.

I've managed to figure out the internal names of the columns. They are:

* Report_x0020_Date

* Report_x0020_Date1

* Report_x0020_Date12

* Report_x0020_Date123

* Report_x0020_Date1234

* Report_x0020_Date12345

* Report_x0020_Date123456

For the last of my 3 questions, here are some of the things I've already

* Gone into Form Library Settings, looked under columns. All
versions of report Date are listed, but they are not linked to the
column. Under the "Used In" column, one version of Report Date lists all
three content types, while the others all list nothing.

* I tried to back-door my way into deleting the columns by going
0%5fDate1> . That gets me into the column edit page, and shows a delete
button. But when I click delete, I get an error back saying "You cannot
delete a read only column"

* Then I went into Site Settings >> Site Columns. All 7 versions
of the field are listed under the Microsoft Office InfoPath header, and
all display as links. I clicked on one of them, and a Delete column
appears. It let me delete 6 of the 7 from Site Columns, and blocked the
7th one, saying it was used in a Content Type (this is fine). But, when
I go back into the Form Library settings, it still shows all 7 versions
of the column. And when I go to modify a view, there are still 7
versions of the column listed in the view.



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