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  Asked By: Samir    Date: Nov 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 976

I have a question
regarding indexing. I can't seem to get a good handle on it yet. The
configuration that we have in mind supports an intranet site that needs good
search capabilities, but no document management plans to-date. I have set
up an index workspace to split up the work between search/dashboard and
index servers. The index is propagating to the search server.

I have two questions at this point:

1) Will I still have the default index on the search/dashboard server that
indexes the Portal Content folder, i.e., announcements, news and quick links
web parts in which I've taken advantage? Can I specify that I would like to
use the index workspace to take care of indexing these folders?

2) I can't seem to be able to index the web sites that I've defined via the
web links web part. The only way that I'm able to do it right now is to
define them a second time via Management>Content Sources>Add Content Source
wizard from My Network Places. I not only want to be able to search the web
sites, but also provide links to them on the dashboard. I'd rather not set
them up in two different places.



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Upbrave C# expert     Answered On: Nov 25

We are not able to search  for users My Site's. They are not returned in
the search results for our portal. How do we get this functionality
turned on?

Answer #2    Answered By: Sylvia Barrett     Answered On: Nov 25

Users are a special content  source - are you sure that they are setup  correctly
for your portal?

Answer #3    Answered By: Cody Hinton     Answered On: Nov 25

If you are getting the users returned but you cannot click the user
object to link to their mysite, then they probably don't have their
homepage property set on their AD object.

When a user connects to their mysite and has Office 2003 is installed on
the client it will prompt them to use this site  as their default  mysite.
If the user accepts the request and they have access to update their AD
property for the homepage then it will add the mysite url to the
property, next time  the Profile import happens it will pick up the
property from AD and map it to the user object in the database and then
you will be able to click the user object to go to their mysite.

So to check that it works:
Create a test user
Connect to the Mysite with a client that has Office 2003 installed and
choose to set the site as your Office mysite.
Check your AD object for the web  url.
Wait for the profile import and then check it imported the property.
Check the search  results when the People search has been run.

Answer #4    Answered By: Vicky Gillespie     Answered On: Nov 25

Yes, the user content  source does look like it's setup  correctly.

Answer #5    Answered By: Clara Heath     Answered On: Nov 25

I am not sure about the office 2003 part.
Once a user is added as a users - regardless of if they have the privs to create
a my site  (Portal readers for example) if they are not in the Profile DB then
they will get imported next time  around. At this point  they do not have a MySite
yet as they are new and may or may not be able to create a mysite. If the
People content  source is updated - reindexed- then the user will show up as a
link in the search  which points to the public view of a MySite template - even
thought they have never created a MySite. They might never have seen SPS. If
you look at this user's Profile there is no Personal web  site listed. Once a
user creates a thier MySite - the profile db gets the url to thier mysite. I
don't know about the Office 2003 and the prompt. I have always clicked though it
assuming it is to associate MySite with Office so it appears on the office open
dialogs. I do not believe it has anything to do with MySite or the Profile DB.
Users without Office 2003 can create and be searched in my site.

My point is simply that once the users is in the Profile db and the People
content source is updated you should see the user and be able to access a public
view of MySite Template to see thier imported info. If I am wrong - and it has
happened before someone correct me.

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