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"Index this resource" on the IIS site Home Directory settings?

  Asked By: Haresh    Date: Jan 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1959

In reviewing some of the IIS and sharepoint settings, I noticed that "Index
this resource" is turned on for the default Web Site. The help for that
part shows

To allow Microsoft Indexing Service to include this directory in a full-text
index of your Web site, select this option.

And I'm wondering why I would want the microsoft indexing service to include
the directory. Anyone know if this would detract from Sharepoint's
stability in any way? I'm tempted to just turn it off. It's my
understanding that this Indexing Service is totally different from MSSEARCH,
which is the indexing that Sharepoint uses.

Can I turn it off? do I need it?



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