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Index problems

  Asked By: Shauna    Date: Sep 16    Category: MOSS    Views: 1641

We have a medium farm moss 2007 (2 wfe, 2 sql, 2 app servers). One app
server is dedicated for query and index. Every year holds it own archive
something like <http://intranet:2006/> http://intranet:2006 for year 2006,
http:/intranet:2005 for 2005. Every port has a root site collection based on
a custom site template. Every year holds one doc lib with about 500.000
documents (average). All documents are pdf's but due to customers wishes, we
do not need to index the content (yet). The only thing we want to index are
the metadata properties. Every document is BDC bound to a LOB through one
key field. 50-70%% of the metadata is filled based on these keys.

I created a content source for every year. 2004 & 2005 index properly, but
2006 (which holds 454.000 documents) stops at about 188.000 documents. If I
start the index at lets say 10.00 am, 15 minutes later an error is logged:

<http://intranet:2006/archief/forms> http://intranet:2006/archief/forms
The item may be too large or corrupt. You may also verify that you have the
latest version of this IFilter.

But the index process keeps on indexing for another 2 hours or so and indeed
indexes a lot of documents, but as stated, stops after about 188.000
document; no error in the crawl log, nothing in the eventlog and the
sharepoint logging is to obscure to read for me (but maybe here lies my

I really really need some help. Next step is to log an incient with MS, but
they are so slow. that I would very much like to avoid that.

1) why does the process stop? I can imagine any kind of problems with
the indexer, but quitting over one problem should not easily be done.
2) how can I find which document (if any) is causing the problem.
3) How can I dig deeper into this. The logging of sharepoint is kind
of obscure with owstimer, w3wp etc in on log file. Is there any way to parse
this log file?
4) The error (above) holds a link to
<http://intranet:2006/archief/forms> http://intranet:2006/archief/forms. If
I click this link, the url is
intranet:2006/.../AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=http" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">intranet:2006/.../AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=http%3a%2f%2fint
<intranet:2006/.../AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=http" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">intranet:2006/.../AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=http%3a%2f%2fin
tranet%3a2006%2farchief%2fforms&FolderCTID=0x012001> &FolderCTID=0x012001.
This link does not seem to work. Where does it come from (esp. the
folderCTID parameter), I certainly did not supplied it.

I also posted this question in msdn forum, but no help yet .



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