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Including Sharepoint wiki in external site

  Asked By: Kaci    Date: Jun 23    Category: MOSS    Views: 1920

Whats the best way to make available wiki entries in our internal Sharepoint
site on our external website?

Ideally I'd like to interface the two so that I can pull the wiki content out of
sharepoint and display it in the external site. Alternatively perhaps I'd
consider redesigning the sharepoint site in to the same look at feel as the
external site and then linking from the external to the internal wiki. However I
don't really know how far you can customise the look of sharepoint beyond the
basics of adding a company logo etc.

We use sharepoint mainly for file storage, but over the years it's grown to be
used for wiki how-tos etc for internal staff as well as the usual calendars etc.
We used to create each important wiki entry twice, once on sharepoint and once
on the external facing website for clients to see. However this just let to a
lot of work and eventually pages were appearing on one and not the other. What
I'm keen to do with our upcoming new site is to have one source for wiki content
but make it available to both external clients and internal staff, but in such a
way that each keeps the usual look and feel (external clients seeing our
site-branded content and internal staff seeing the usual sharepoint site).

Is anything like that possible ?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Talia Johns     Answered On: Jun 23

Yes you can customize SharePoint a lot when it comes to design. Each site  is
based on a Master Page (or Pages) that determine the look-n-feel of the overall
site. You can also work  with the stylesheets and themes to add customizations as

As far as sharing this on the external  side, it really depends on some of your
exact goals. First you need a version of SharePoint that allows you to do this
(such as MOSS with an External Connector license) then there are numerous ways
to expose just your wiki  to the web and not other components.

As far as using the same system for both internal  and external audiences to view
(with different look-n-feel for each), that would be more difficult. There are
some things you could do, but overall this would not be any easy task. My
recommendation would be to configure some different view pages  for your wiki
that external users could look at. These view pages could be based on a
different Master Page and could provide you with a different look-n-feel versus
the generic SharePoint.

Hope this make sense. If not, feel  free to contact me for more clarification.

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