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Importing SPS 2003 GAC to developer work stations

  Asked By: Gopal    Date: Jan 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 999

I think that help is hard to find on sharepoint news groups. I Hope someone
of you will be able to help my company issues.

I'm new in the SharePoint domain. We have installed the SPS 2003
applications and make some sub-sites in the Site Directory area of the
Portal. Now, we need to add some custom web parts to the sites but we have
some problems:

- Developers machine use Windows 2000 (they already have Visual Studio .Net)
, SharePoint uses Windows Server 2003
- Somebody tells me that developing web parts on our sharepoint test machine
would probably be an issue when deploying our futur solutions. I believe him
at 100% but if someone has already experienced something with that "therical
issue", it would be nice to know for us!

My question:
Is there a cheap way for us to develop on our developer machine, either by
exporting GAC library from the server to client or by installing Visual
Studio .NET on the server without any security or compatibility issues when
deploying our futur web parts?

Other possibilities for us?

The major goal is to be able to manage document librairies and list items we
have added in our sites.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Darryl Nguyen     Answered On: Jan 22

Do you have a "test" SharePoint Portal Server. No matter where you
develop, you have to test it and that means modifying the web config of
the SPS Server. If you do not have a test server then end users might
end up playing with the dev or you might mess up the production server.
I am lucky to be able to develop on a test server directly. Another good
way is to use Virtual PC if you have access.

I usually have no trouble developing on a test server and then moving to
a production server.

Answer #2    Answered By: Tom Pruitt     Answered On: Jan 22

While I have not tried it yet since I have a test server with SPS2003,
you could try to share the test server drive and dev on the
workstations. You would need to reference any dlls of the sps  server via
the share and publish the assembly to the server. I have not done this
yet but I just might try it as I am sure to get to a client who does not
have a test machine setup for dev.

Answer #3    Answered By: Sammie Lancaster     Answered On: Jan 22

Thanks for your answer. In short term, I think that we will install visual
studio.net on the test machine for transform this machine in a dev/test

If we don't try it, we won't know if this works fine...

Answer #4    Answered By: Aron Kirk     Answered On: Jan 22

I have already tested it from a developer  machine, WIndows 2000. I tested
the "Create a simple web part page" from the Microsoft SDK. By downloading
all dll from the server to local, we can use them except that it seems that
some of them are in the GAC! It's the case for microsoft.sharepoint.library,
microsoft.sharepoint.security and microsoft.sharepoint.dsp. I tried 2 or 3
ways to copy locally or use remotely these dll but failed. These library (or
assembly) are always "not found" when builded.

I think there is no other way to develop sharepoint without installing it...
I didn't find any way to install only dlls...

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