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Import SpreadSheet error

  Asked By: Harshad    Date: Feb 10    Category: MOSS    Views: 3268

I am migrating a contact list from a SharePoint 2003 server to my new MOSS 2007
Portal. I saved the contact list to a spreadsheet on my desktop machine (has
Excel 2007 installed), but when I tried to create a list in MOSS 2007 portal by
"Import Spreadsheet", it displayed an error: "An unexpected has occurred.

However, if I use my laptop (with Excel 2003) to import the spreadsheet to the
same site, the same procedure works.

I tried the same thing from my desktop on a different MOSS 2007 portal server
that I have access to and it worked there as well.

Could anyone tell me why there are the possible differences between two MOSS
2007 portal servers?Searching the Internet, it looks like the problem is
associated with the client, as it requires a spreadsheet application compatible
with Windows SharePoint Services. The fact that the procedure works from my
laptop proves it. But the fact that one portal works and one doesn’t from the
same desktop clearly points the problem to the server.

Do I need to configure something for my new portal? Or the server should have a
Microsoft Excel application?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Courtney Scott     Answered On: Feb 10

Had similar experience and didn't find the solution but did find a
workaround: Using Excel 2007 format te spreadsheet  as a table with
column headers and use the Table Ribbon to Export the spreadsheet to a
MOSS 2007 list. That will let you create the list  on MOSS as long as
you have the approriate rights.

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