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Illegal characters in names

  Asked By: Code    Date: Apr 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2204

we all know that you're not supposed to use %, #, ' or other special
characters in places like workspace names, folder names, filenames, etc.

So, knowing that and the fact that Sharepoint will happily let you create
folders and files with these names, what would be the expert's suggestion to
a group that already has lots of files and folders with apostrophe's in the
name? I ask because when I try to rename it, explorer.exe locks up on the
client and I have to use task manager to kill it.

I know it's at least a bug because if you go in the Document Library
dashboard and navigate to a folder with an apostrophe in the name, you'll
get an error because of the bad quoting. In IE you'll get the little error
icon saying "Done, but with errors on the page" and when you look at the
details, it might show:

Line: 652
Char: 150
Error: Expected ')'
Code: 0

and when you look at line 652 of the source, it'll show something like:


Notice the ' in the "Current NSR's" name. It doesn't quote it or replace it
with the %27 like it should, so it breaks something on the page.

I'm guessing also that these kinds of problems might be causing stability
issues on our server, either with checkin, out, publish, deleting,
notifications, backups or something.

I'll try the PLEX route, but if anyone has a better suggestion or a
workaround for preventing the creation of files with illegal characters, I'd
highly appreciate it.



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