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Identify/close/delete all open workflows in site collection

  Asked By: Ray    Date: Dec 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1636

We are experiencing an issue related to overdue email notifications being sent
out from a test server that was refreshed from production. We understand this is
happening because the restore process brought over the production workflows.
When these workflows are updated on production, the test server stills sees them
as open and sends out the overdue notices.

We have seen other discussions threads that indicate others have experienced a
similar situation, but I cannot locate any advice on HOW to programmatically
clean up the test environment by identifying the open workflows and then closing
or deleting them. I am expecting this might best be accomplished by directly
issuing an update command to the SQL database but am not sure of the specific
tables to update and any ramifications from this method.

Manually opening each workflow on each site and each list is not practical.
Also, I do not want to disable outgoing email notifications or disable workflows
as that negates the function of the test server.

Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions?



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