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HttpVDir in ListViewWebPart

  Asked By: Glenn    Date: Jun 20    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1985

A user reports that the default page of a particular site prompts him for
login when he clicks on a folder link in a list view web part, despite the
fact that he has "full control" permissions on the site, and the list and
the folder inherit permissions from their respective parents. In some
cases, there are several prompts which need to be cancelled one after

I did some investigation and found that the "402 Not Authorized" was being
erturned by a URL from an IMG tag; the "src" looks like

A "blank.gif" is used in many other places as a spacer, but it is usually
references with a URL "/_layouts/images/blank.gif" -- that is, relative to
the server, not absolute and including the site path.

Looking at the default page in SharePoint Designer, I found that the XML
included in the default page for the listviewwebpart includes a "More
items..." link and a spacer that are included conditionally if the list is
too long.

<TABLE class="ms-summarystandardbody" width="100%"
border=0><TR><TD Class="ms-vb"><a

<tr><td height="8"><img
mages/blank.gif" width="1" height="8" alt="">



I believe it's the "HttpVDir" tag that is leading to the inappropriate SRC
attribute when the page is delivered to the browser. When I delete the
HttpVDir tag, the problem goes away.


1) Why does the reference to site-path/_layouts/images/blank.gif cause a
"Not Authorized" response?

2) Is the HttpVDir tag part of the built=in ListViewWebPart? Does everyone
experience this behavior when "More Items..." is displayed?

3) How can this be fixed globally?