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HTML Content Editor replacements...any ratings/comparisons out ther

  Asked By: Srikant    Date: Aug 24    Category: MOSS    Views: 2483

it seems to be universal in opinion that the built-in content editor
in MOSS is limited at best and sucks at worst. I've noticed that it's
particularly useless within the Wiki as it provides no semantic markup
tools to overcome the lack of Wiki tags. I've seen a variety of products
mentioned to replace it...Telerik's being one of the more common ones.
Has anyone taken the time and compared/contrasted the text editor
replacement options for MOSS? Any opinions? I'm primarily looking for
two things: semantic markup tools (ie, no font tags, proper use of H#
tags, etc.) and the ability to control styling from the admin side (for
instance, turning off text color options).

Secondly, if one wanted to replace the editor themselves, what/where
would I look for the usercontrol or aspx page or what have you within
all the MOSS files to access it? Is there one central spot that all web
parts that use the HTML editor inherit from? We really love Xstandard as
our editor for our own CMS and it'd be great to integrate that with
MOSS, but it's something I'd have to tackle myself as the company isn't
offering a MOSS version. Related to that, has anyone managed to use
TinyMCE or FCKedit as a replacement?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Allison Stewart     Answered On: Aug 24

does what we need in the way of administratively restricting
styles. After installing the solution file, you have to modify the
layout pages include the R.A.D. Editor.

<%@ Register TagPrefix="radE" Namespace="Telerik.SharePoint.FieldEditor"
Assembly="RadEditorSharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=1f131a624888eeed" %>

Change the RichTextField to a RadHtmlField

<radE:RadHtmlField FieldName="BYUIWebContent1" runat="server"
id="RichHtmlField1" CssClass="auRightContent" InputFieldLabel="Content"
AllowFonts="False" AllowHtmlSourceEditing="False" AllowImages="False"
AllowLists="False" AllowTables="False" AllowTextMarkup="False"
DisplaySize="65" DisplayHeight="144px"

As you can see it will allow you to change properties such as allow
style or images, allow links and tables, etc.

I tried to Integrate TinyMCE and got dang close, the problem is I
couldn't figure out how to get sharepoint to save rich content  without
encoding HTML tags.

= <br>