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Using hostname specific resolution on MOSS Farm?

  Asked By: Conrad    Date: Feb 22    Category: MOSS    Views: 988

We've been experiencing some weird node issues with our Farm. So, we
have a need to be able monitor each node in a 2 WFE farm individually
to ensure it is serving MOSS publishing pages properly. We've
developed an internal app that can handle the request/response, but,
the MOSS sites have to be configured to serve from both the load
balanced name, and, their individual node name.

On our test farm, I've successfully configured the IIS instances
which serve our NLB URL to also serve from their node name by adding
the node name to the "Multiple Identities for This Web Site" area of
the IIS configuration.

It looks something like:
Node 1:
(unassigned) 80 OurNLBURL.ourdomain.com
(unassigned) 80 Node1.ourdomain.com
Node 2:
(unassigned) 80 OurNLBURL.ourdomain.com
(unassigned) 80 Node2.ourdomain.com

Everything seems to work OK and I can call either node successfully
so long as I request a specific MOSS resource like
http://Node2.ourdomain.com/pages/foo.aspx . This is only to test
each node and these URLs will never be used for anything else.

I'd like to implement this in our production environment but I don't
want to break other stuff either. We've found MOSS to be extremely
temperamental depending on what you are messing with.

My Question:
Does anyone know if this will have a detrimental effect on any other
kind of MOSS functionality, performance, feature etc.?



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