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Hitting a problem with a custom site template

  Asked By: Zoe    Date: Jul 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1217

I've been working on building a project site which consists of a blog with
additional libraries, e.g. document library, tasks, etc. The site itself is
working well. I then save that as a template, export it as an STP file and
import it into the farm's main site gallery.

Creating a site from that template seems to work just fine EXCEPT that comments
don't work on the blog. This doesn't appear to be a permissions problem. I've
opened post.aspx in SharePoint Designer for a working blog site and one of the
broken project blog sites and there actually seems to be code missing from the
broken site!

A working post.aspx has a ListFormWebPart that handles the comment submission
piece of the page. This section is NOT present in the broken post.aspx.

Can anyone suggest how I can fix this, please? Copying and pasting the code
doesn't work and I don't understand how or why the post.aspx page content is



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Answer #1    Answered By: Maura Durham     Answered On: Jul 17

I've made some progress on this ...

The ListForm web part uses a GUID to tie to the list that it is a form for. On
post.aspx, that GUID is for the Comments list. If I copy & paste the code  from a
working blog site  into a non-working site and change the GUID to match that of
the Comments list on the non-working site, it all works.

This suggests to me that when SharePoint creates a site, it checks for things
like GUIDs and if they aren't valid, the code gets stripped from the page.

The ListForm web part doesn't seem to accept a name instead of a GUID,
unfortunately. Has anyone come across a situation like this before? Does anyone
understand the site template  concept enough to help me figure out what I need to
do to my site template so that when a new site is created, all of the parts work

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