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"hide" document library

  Asked By: Jonah    Date: Oct 17    Category: MOSS    Views: 3969

I have created a new document library on a Sharepoint 2007 site and I
only want it to be visible to a small group of people. I tried
removing permissions from the library and can still see the library
listed (even though I cannot access it). I want to totally hide this
library from most site users. Can this be done?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Beau Pena     Answered On: Oct 17

Where are you seeing the library  listed?

What permissions does the account have that is seeing the library
without being able to access it?

Answer #2    Answered By: Isaiah Santiago     Answered On: Oct 17

The library  was showing up under the Document link in the left
navigation; however, I later realized that I had the top level
site's Viewers group included. I removed it from the library
permissions and now standard site users do not see it.

Answer #3    Answered By: Robert Wilson     Answered On: Oct 17

Another (lesser) approach is simply to edit the Quick Launch menu and remove
the document  library.

The suggestion to change the permissions is a better approach.

Answer #4    Answered By: Chase Wagner     Answered On: Oct 17

Did you add the link to the list when you created  the document  Library
by checking the appropriate box on the Create page or did you add a link
to the quick launch bar later? I suspect that you added the link later.
Links that are created when the library  is created will be security
trimmed. Links created using Site Settings later will not be security
trimmed. There is no easy way to get the security trimmed link back
other than saving all the content from the document library, deleting
it, recreating it with the new link, re-upload the content and modify
the security.

Answer #5    Answered By: Terrance Vasquez     Answered On: Oct 17

Can't you still go into any list's settings and specify whether that list
instance is on the quick Launch or not? If so, readding it that way should
result in a security trimmed version.

Answer #6    Answered By: Darrin Massey     Answered On: Oct 17

I should really read closer and think longer before I write a reply. Actually,
if you add a quicklaunch entry for an existing list by editing the Quick Launch
menu through Site Settings it will act as I said and not be security trimmed.
But you can add the link after the fact through the List Settings using the
title, description, and navigation link. That one will be security trimmed.

What I was thinking about was adding links to the Top Link Bar. You can add a
link to the TopLink bar during creation that will be security trimmed, but if
you add a link manually later by editing the TopLink bar in SiteSettings of the
top Level site it will not be security trimmed because it is a manually created
link. There is no equivalent I can find in the user interface to the "Display
on QuickLaunch" setting of a Library for a Site to add it to the Top Link Bar.

Answer #7    Answered By: Jeffrey King     Answered On: Oct 17

Just to be clear about it: during creation of a library, a list, or a page,
there is NO option
to have a link added to the Top Link Bar, only to the Quick Launch. AFAICT,
*Subsites* can be added to the Top Link Bar at creation. Any other object has
to be added
as a manual link that is not security-trimmed.

This is apparently a design decision by Microsoft which enforces a kind of
semantics on
the Top Link Bar (which they call "Global Navigation") as opposed to the Quick
Launch Bar
(which they call "Current Navigation"). See "Plan Site navigation" <http://

Answer #8    Answered By: Kendrick Townsend     Answered On: Oct 17

If there is less than 10MB of content, you can avoid the saving/re-uploading
the content by creating a temporary list (doclib) template, then delete and
recreate the doclib with the new template. Then delete the temp template
from the list template doclib.

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