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Need some help with a sync issue between content and configuration

  Asked By: Krista    Date: May 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3012

We've got an issue with two My Sites that have gotten corrupted, and now we cannot restore them even though we have back ups.

What happened is the content for the My Sites was lost when we tried to Ghost the My Site default page again. We tried some things on two of the My Sites trying to restore the data, resetting the content, and trying to unghost the page again, but it didn't work. So we decided to do a database restore to recover the content, making a backup of the databases before we did so if anyone needed a file that they had worked on since the previous nights backup we could recover it for them.

99% of the My Sites were fine, but two of them only had their web parts, none of the document libraries or lists, also the Documents And Lists and Site Settings menu options didn't work. Of course what happened in hind site is that we didn't restore the config database as well, which for the 99% was fine because they hadn't made any configuration changes, but the two other sites did, and they got corrupted and orphaned.

On one of the My Sites we also tried to go in to the Sites table and delete the record in hopes that we could restore the backup of the My Site with STSAdm, since it won't overwrite a My Site if it already exists. This corrupted one of the My Sites even worse.

Does anyone know of a way we can get the Content database synced up with the Config database again, have it verify them so we can delete the My Sites for the two users who are corrupted and restore them from backup individualy? (Yes we back up each individual My Site nightly, so we have a seperate backup for just these two sites that we can restore with STSAdm). The problem is when we currently try to restore it, it says the site is already there and we have no way to delete them.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be great, at this point we are either going to leave these users without My Sites, or dig into the database to try and reconcile the orphaned records in the config database which we are VERY hesitant to do.



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