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Help with site to site data via web parts or CQWP?

  Asked By: Jill    Date: Nov 18    Category: MOSS    Views: 16310

I have built a company holiday calendar showing all office-observed
holidays for our 20+ offices around the world. Each record is
assigned to one or more offices using a choice column titled "Office"
that allows multiple choice selections. The default view is a
calendar showing all holidays, but I have built a list view for each
office. Simple stuff; all works well. (BTW, environment is MOSS 2007.)

Now I want to add each office's view via a web part in a page
dedicated to that particular office that exists in a peer publishing
site's library. I was hoping I could just pull the calendar in via
web part and set the view for the specific office. However I'm bummed
that because the calendar exists in a separate site (in the same site
collection--they're both built off of one portal), the web part isn't
available. (Yes, I could move the list into the other site, but
there's a reason I'm hesitant to do that.)

So now I'm struggling with the CQWP. I can get it to pull the data in
from the list, but it pulls in only the Event title, not the
associated start date. Also, I can't get it to filter the data to the
specific office. For the latter problem, I suspect this is where a
column content type would help. There already exists a column content
type called "office" at the portal level, but its type is single line
of text (it's an OOB thing, I think). That won't work. Do I create a
custom column content type called "officechoice" or something and
configure it as I need? If so, I should do that at the Portal level
so it's available for all sub sites, correct? One more thing: I do
have a main list of offices in the portal that I set up to be a look-
up source in the hope that I would have to maintain just one list of
offices. Is there any way to use this list as the source of my
choices for the calendar entries and/or the custom column?

This is the kind of content type help I can't seem to find anywhere
(most of the instructional stuff out there seems to focus on

Final caveat: I'm not a developer nor do I have one at my disposal. I
have MS Designer but haven't a clue how to use it and initial playing
around in it has been a bit scary. If at all possible, I need a
solution I can make work through the MOSS UI.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Georgia Barr     Answered On: Nov 18

You might be better off doing this with a Data view  instead of a CQWP.
You can create it in SPD by connecting to the list  via the List Web
Service interfaces. You can also provide the GUID for the view you want
to use as one of the parameters to the query so you can reuse the views
you've already created.

Answer #2    Answered By: Tamara Laliashvili     Answered On: Apr 22

hi Jill!

i am stuck also at trying to get items to be filters by added column. have no clue. also believe its connected to type. as normal steps to add customized filter to CQWP for custom list  works fine.

Have you findhow to do that? or did you move on to Data View WP?


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