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Help needed in choosing a KM software

  Asked By: Aditiya    Date: Sep 04    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1644

I was looking at different KM softwares and was wondering if someone
could provide me with some good potential candidates and their
advantages, disadv. over SharePoint. I am looking for a small group
of 10-15 ppl.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Mariel Ferrell     Answered On: Sep 04

what kind of task u have.........

Answer #2    Answered By: Santana Osborn     Answered On: Sep 04

An interesting question. What does a knowledge worker need? I would summarise
this by saying access to information, experiences and skills, based upon current
need. Certainly this includes an environment for (collaborative) document
creation and editing. SharePoint provides this, together with being a
configurable portal for accessing other information such as web links, contacts,
news, announcements and tasks. A certain amount of tacit knowledge can also be
captured via integrated discussions. Often intelligent search, categorisation,
personalisation technology is described as the desired KM solution. Again
SharePoint offers this to a degree. For other examples, please see the links on

Perhaps where SharePoint could be complemented is where customer relationship
management or customer self service environments need to be supported by
'production' solutions for case management, imaging and COLD/ERM. This is
provided by companies such as Tower Technology, IBM, FileNET, Open Text, Optika,
eiStream (formally Eastman), Anite (formally ICL ICLipse), SER, etc.

Another area, is the analysis and delivery of tools to facilitate collaboration
and the exchange of tacit knowledge. This could include discussion,
story-telling, skills registers etc. We have for example created Mint MCI
toolkit http://www.thedocumentsite.co.uk/MCI.html

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