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Help with new install of SPS2003

  Asked By: Roman    Date: Oct 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1153

We are going to install SPS2003 on a new server for the first time.
I am looking for some recommendations on how to configure the
hardware and software. Our SPS install will predominantly be as a
repository for our documents with new ones being added nightly.

Is it better to have SQL2000 on the same server as the SPS2003?
If so, is the recommended configuration for SQL2000 (separate data
and log drives) adequate for the SPS?
Is the SPS read or write intensive?
I am trying to determine the best RAID configuration to use for the
server RAID5, 10? I don't want to make a bad decision now that will
hinder our performance in the future.

Any help, links, or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!



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Answer #1    Answered By: Santiago Hood     Answered On: Oct 13

As the saying goes, "It all depends....".

Placing SQL server  on the same server as SPS will eliminate any network latency introduced by splitting SPS and SQL onto separate  servers, however, now you have both SPS and SQL fighting for RAM memory. Neither will get all that they want so you loose performance  due to increased disk I/O and increased CPU demands.

One machine is cheaper than two. (Hardware and OS licensing)

Raid 5 is a cheaper than Raid 10, however Raid 10 is faster in a highly updated environment due to heavy parity disk updates needed in a Raid 5. Raid 10 is faster in a heavy read  environment because it has both mirror copies to use when fetching data. However, Raid 10 really only shines when you have split the mirror copies between separate disk busses. Placing all the drives  on the same disk bus will slow I/O down due to bus contention. You cannot have two drives delivering data simultaneously on one bus. Most servers offer single bus disk cages. A seprate bus usually means getting an additional disk enclosure and cable to connect it to the external (and must be separate) bus connector on the original server Raid controller card.

Again, best performance is higher cost.

Will your application demand top performance in the first month? First year? Can you start smaller and expand later? The best course demands that you know what your real performance needs will be.

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