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Need Help with Content Deployment

  Asked By: Callie    Date: Oct 18    Category: MOSS    Views: 1437

I googled a lot, but didn't find good solution for the following

By default, content deployment pushes whatever content was changed / added /
deleted or all the content (based on configuration), from a source server to
the destination server. But there is a different requirement. The customer
wants to have control over the content which is pushed to the live site. For
example, they might modify 10 pages, 5 documents and 3 list items in their
authoring environment. Once this is done, they want a provision to select
the content (page/document/list item) and then push that content alone to
the live site.

To address this scenario, I believe we have an option called Scheduling (in
Page Settings and Schedule sub menu of the Page menu in the Page Editing
toolbar). Now, I wanted a similar approach for documents and list items.
Even for document libraries, I googled and found that there is a setting
called Manage Item Scheduling which helps in achieving the same, though I
have not tried this option as yet. But, for Custom list, I couldn't get this
option at all in the list settings.

Again, there is a catch. Suppose, I take up the Scheduling option after
modifying a page in Authoring and I assign a Publish Start Date. I am not
sure whether it will publish it immediately, but won't move the page to the
live site until the Published Date or it will move the page to the live site
on the specified date and do the publishing on the live site on the
specified date. If it does the second thing, then we cannot use that option.

Also, there is another catch. A page might have some documents, images and
so on, as links. Now, the customer will approve / publish the page, but may
or may not approve / publish the associated content like the links (to
documents / images) mentioned above. But when they publish the page, they
want to publish the related / associated content also automatically. I am
not sure how this can be achieved.

To summarize the above points,

Things we don't from OOTB Content Deployment Job are:
1. Synchronize all content (site / site collection).
2. No content should move to the target (Production) environment before a
scheduled date, though it is approved in the Authoring environment
3. No manual intervention should be involved for pushing the content.

Things we want are:
1. Content approved for migration should move on the scheduled date.
2. All associated content (like images and documents referred as links on
the page) should also get approved on approving the page and move to the
target environment only on the scheduled date.
3. We need an end-user friendly solution to this.

We evaluated solutions from DocAve and the Content Deployment Wizard (from
CodePlex) and also the OOTB Content Deployment Job. But we didn't get a
suitable solution.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Janell Camacho     Answered On: Oct 18

Scheduling doesn't control whether the content gets deployed to the
destination server. Scheduling only controls when the content will be
displayed to a user with Read Only permissions. The content is deployed
whether it is scheduled for publication at that point or not. Content
Deployment always deploys the most recent major version and most recent
minor version to the destination. Approval and scheduling will affect
whether anyone can see the newly deployed content, but it is always
deployed. So even if you get scheduling to work on your lists and document
libraries it won't meet your needs.

Content Deployment isn't going to work for you. You will need some kind of
custom solution like the Content Deployment wizard from Codeplex. I know
you already looked at that and it doesn't meet your needs, but that kind of
approach is what you will have to use.

Answer #2    Answered By: Julia Washington     Answered On: Oct 18

Will content deployment work for an environment which is not empty or not
blank, if we do a full deployment rather than an incremental one? If no,
does that imply that content deployment would be successful only if it has
been started from the beginning? (meaning the first time when the content is
deployed to the production environment) ? Kindly let me know. Also, let me
know the difference between Approve and Publish.

Answer #3    Answered By: Shashwat Takle     Answered On: Oct 18

Content Deployment will only work if the original site was built using
Content Deployment. So yes the original environment has to be empty or
blank. Otherwise Content Deployment has the same problem it does if the
site changes after deployment. It can't tell what to overwrite and what to

Approve is something done in a document library or by a workflow. It
specifies that a file or item has been approved. It is available whether
publishing functionality is turned on or not.

Publish means that a Publishing page in the pages document library has been
saved as a major version and approved. By default Publish includes

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