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Help on alerts in WSS 3.0

  Asked By: Beth    Date: Jul 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2023

Please help me in following scenrio - I wanted to host a WSS 3.0
Site for my own use. I have public IP of my own and I did not want to invest
in any thing. So i went for the following setup - 1) I have Win 2K3 with SP
1 and all updates applied. 2) POP 3 services enabled. (Not many people are
aware but WIN 2K3 comes with POP 3 Server to live the competition with Linux.)
3) SQL express installed seperately 4) WSS 3.0 installed ith SQl express (that
was installed seperately) and running fine. 5) No AD. The computer name is
WSS and the Fully qualified n\domain name is wss.rnd.com 4) Now when I
subscribe for alerts I do not get the laerts. I have tested my POP 3
services. I get emails on my hotmail and gmail account. and similarly I can
send email to the server from Gmail and Hotmail. Now I made all the services
run under The administrator account rather than the local system account.
Now i started getting the first email saying "you
have successfully subscribed for Alert" but not the subsequent alerts .
Help me out if I need to do anything extra. help me on the following point
sas well - 1) Will WSS 3.0 support the pop3 services of Win 2K3. 2) What is
the difference between the Subscription alert and the subsequent alerts for
lists and document libraries. 3) If I can not use POP 3 then which tool will I
use as I do not want to invest in Exchange.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Christian Waters     Answered On: Jul 15

well, this needs bit of trouble shooting ..
- Check if the smtp server  is working fine.
- Try to ping / tracert smtp server and see if there is a drop
- If you have other smtp server, configure it and do a check if this works out.
- Check if the secuity on ur network is configured OK.
- I assume the mail goes out but u got to test these and c what is missing....
- Oh yeah, make sure if the relevant SERVICES are running  on those boxes and
give a restart too....

Pbly u may not fix the issue, but atleast head towards fixing it

Answer #2    Answered By: Virendar Bahudur     Answered On: Jul 15

This is alll working fine  as I get the subscription alert  correctly. It is
immediate alerts.
Sharepoint timer service is workig fine as in no event in event log. Also the
steps u have said have already been done.

And there are no search services  for SQL Express.

Answer #3    Answered By: Sierra Beck     Answered On: Jul 15

Check the shaerepoint timer service.

Answer #4    Answered By: Elisabeth Walsh     Answered On: Jul 15

Do you have the microsoft search service running? I'm not sure if you need the
full version of sql  to get mssql search. Alerts require this service.

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