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Need help

  Asked By: Jeanne    Date: Mar 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 916

I have set up lists in the main Retail web site and will use them as “master” lists for all the information – Corporate(named Deals), Managers and Consultants.

When a new ‘Deal’ is signed, the corporate office would create a new spreadsheet containing the information for the new ‘Deal’ to import into SharePoint.
**This would be a good process to convert to the SharePoint site**
Our logic would add/update AD account information, create a new site for the new ‘Deal’, update the existing master lists in the Retail site and update the information lists in the new ‘Deal’ web site.
The logic would finish by updating the data connections and setting permissions.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Abinav Basu     Answered On: Mar 28

Not sure what kind of help  you need on this, but how are you going to Add AD information  (basically accounts).
Will the AD (team) of your custome allow you to modify any details on AD (Generally the AD team doesnt allow anyone to modify AD other than their authoratative sources).

Also is this an intranet site  or a public internet site (i.e. access required to people outside of the organization)?

Let us know what details or questions you have and we will try to help.

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