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Health Analyzer - Service Account for Claims to Windows Token Service

  Date: Oct 13    Category: MOSS    Views: 3410

I don't spend a lot of time in Central Admin, so I have a question about a
Health Analyzer rule that's come up.

The notification that has come up is saying:
Using built-in accounts like Network Service or Local System as application pool
or as service identities is not supported in a farm configuration. The following
services are currently running as built-in identities on one or more servers:
c2wts(Windows Service)

MSDN article<msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee539739.aspx> says it is
supposed to run under the Local System Account.

So what is the best way to resolve this? Is the MSDN article I'm referencing
out-dated? Should I:

* Change the account to one of my service accounts, and if so, which

* Disable the rule in Health Analyzer? (If I do this, that will stop it
from checking other accounts for other services?



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Answer #1    Answered On: Oct 13    

At a minimum, c2wts is used by service apps to communicate to data sources, i.e.
Excel to SQL. I'm sure there are other purposes for the service, but that's the
most common we work with. It's a domain account in this example of Excel Svcs
and needs constrained delegation to whatever source you are connecting to. See: