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Hardware NLB and MOSS 2007 question

  Asked By: Stevie    Date: Apr 08    Category: MOSS    Views: 1082

I was going to search to see if someone had already asked but I have
gotten the search server busy message all day, so please excuse me if
this has already been answered.

Might make a fool of myself but here goes:

I have multiple implementations of SPS/MOSS behind me with SW NLB so I
am pretty familiar with that scenario. In a standard scenario you NLB
and MOSS makes sure that anything going on on web one is replicated in
web two (well most of the time). New application created, no problem,
MOSS creates it on both front ends. Add a server to the NLB, no
problem, MOSS adds whatever it needs to that server and recreates all
the IIS entries...

Of course, only those web front ends in the NLB get the replication.
Any web servers attached to the farm but not part of the NLB just work
with MOSS in their assigned function. Since I have never worked with
HW NLB in an SPS/MOSS environement I am wondering what, if anything, is
different inasmuch as working with and configuring the servers/MOSS is
concerned. If the OS is not configured for NLB how does MOSS know that
its in use? How does it go about replicating as in a SW NLB? Or does
the OS know its NLBed somehow because the NLB HW notifies it? I am
almost positive the HW is going to be CISCO CSS 11500 if thats any help

Any insight or a finger pointing in the right direction would be of
great help.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Demetrius Mcdaniel     Answered On: Apr 08

Certainly not my area of expertise (in any way), so dismiss my comment if it
misses you question  entirely. That said, I thought that WSS managed the WFE
servers based solely on their configuration within the Farm. That is, only if
they are designated as being in a WFE role do they get updates. In other words,
I think that the this configuration is managed within the config database, not
within NLB. NLB gets invoked as end users make requests to the farm to balance
the requests on a set of servers in the farm.

I don't think that they would even necessarily have to be the exact same set of
WFE servers. What I mean is this: say you have three WSS servers in a WFE role;
I think the NLB could direct traffic to two of the three for some URLs, and just
the third for other URLs.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jake Harvey     Answered On: Apr 08

I usually turn off unneeded application pools on servers that
will not serve a specific Web Application. This must be done because
every WFE (web front end) server in the farm will have ALL Web Apps
automatically instantiated upon addition to the farm. You don't have to
turn down these app pools, but I do to conserve resources.

NLB, HLB, it's basically the same configuration. HLB should give you
better performance, manageability, and reliability. I am not
overly-impressed with Windows NLB.

Answer #3    Answered By: Ricky Kennedy     Answered On: Apr 08

Your answer is right on target. I was thinking along the same lines
of MOSS being the one in charge because all the NLB is supposed to do
is literally "balance" and direct but logical thinking doesn't always
apply. I'll wait to see if anyone disputes but since I want you to
be right, since it'll simplify my life, I'll accept your answer as

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