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Getting my server online to the internet

  Asked By: Jena    Date: Feb 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1031

I have a Windows 2003 Server Domain Controller with Exchange, DNS,
IIS, and Active Directory with sharepoint services installed. It sits
on a LAN and connects to
the internet via a Linksys Cable Router(and poor mans firewall). Cable
company is the ISP and is DHCP enabled. Router serves my LAN with
NAT enabled so the internet never sees my LAN IP addresses...only my

I have a registered IP and domain being hosted by another company and
want to move it to my home.

How do I configure the server to be a child of the ISP DNS server?
Doesn't the ISP have to talk directly to the server or can the router
forward these ports through NAT?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Gail Richmond     Answered On: Feb 28

I f your server  is talking straight to another server, your ISP for
instance, it is not at all safe. You need to have it behind the Linksys...
If you already have an IP, use it in the linksys so your lan is at least
protected. And port forward whatever you need, I think linksys supports at
least a couple forwards. That's what I'd do anyway. Sounds like you had it
right in the first place, I don't get why you want to expose your server
straight to your ISP.
When you say you want to move your IP and domain to your home, do you
mean your network along with it? If you run Comcast or quest and have a
server at home, they may shut your line off at any time if they find out
you're running a server there. They usually require a business account with
the ISP and most ISP's don't issue those to residential properties.
Something to think about anyway...I'd explore port forwarding from the
Linksys even though I think it only allows one or two,...You could always
get a cheap hub to put behind the router if you needed conects for more
machines. Your static IP and domain name should stay at your business, not
your house...Server 2003 has alot of capability anyway so if you wanted to
work from your house it would be simple. Sounds like you have small business
edition (I assume). It still allows 2 RDP connections so you can work from
home or anywhere on the planet with explorer 5 or 6 and xp home or pro
whenever you want.
Hope I didn't miss anything..

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